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Synchroniseur Satellit


Satellit is a mobile device synchronizer (industrial PDA, Windows Mobile cell phone, etc.) that enables fast, flexible synchronization of mobile devices without the need for a partnership with Microsoft ActiveSync (or Windows Mobile Device Center). It is particularly well suited to synchronizing a fleet of mobile devices with a single computer. Its second advantage for solution integrators is that it can be controlled from the command line by a third-party application.


Satellit manages two-way file synchronization between the mobile device and the host computer. Its interface is more user-friendly and easier to handle. Easy to deploy and fully automated, you can simply package the executable in your installation script, and it requires no DLLs or add-ons apart from Microsoft Active Sync, of course. All of Satellit’s functions can be controlled from the command line via dedicated switches.

It’s the ideal complement to your PC / PDA applications, and Satellit also offers a sequence of commands at the end of synchronization or after each file imported from the mobile device. The new version 1.3 also runs under Windows Vista and Windows Seven
The demo version is available, with no limitations other than the display of a warning dialog box. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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