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Loftware NiceLabel – Designer Pro


The PRO version allows full database support and RFID tag creation.

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The PRO version includes all the features of the Designer Express version, plus :

  • Rich text object featuring a powerful editor with tables and more
  • Object panel to quickly find and manage objects on complex label masks
  • Full RFID functionality
  • Text adjusted to frame (dynamic point size)
  • Text on ellipsis
  • Text adapted to shape (automatic line break, text justification for non-rectangular shapes)
  • Relative positioning of objects and variable label length
  • Library of international-standard, ready-to-use label masks
  • Object printing based on dynamic data
  • Security: label locked by password
  • A single screen for direct management of dynamic data (Dynamic Data Manager)
  • Import and export dynamic data definitions
  • Full serialization including printer counters
  • Connection to the majority of existing databases
  • Custom SQL database queries
  • Connections to multiple databases in labels or solutions
  • Variable graphics fields including database graphics and base64-coded data
  • More than 10 existing functions for efficient data concatenation and processing
  • VBScript and Python scripting for customized data processing
  • Adaptable print form for improved control and efficiency (recommended for touch screens)
  • Form adjustable to different screen resolutions
  • Color separation (for GHS labeling)
  • Batch printing: header and end labels
  • Editing and double-sided printing
  • Advanced printer cutter control
  • Storage and recall of label masks in printer memory

For more options, see the Powerforms version

  • 1 user and unlimited printers
  • Multi-user editions with 3, 5 or 10 printers
  • Label editor
  • All capabilities including MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • All counters & serialization
  • All variables
  • All functions (including concatenation)
  • Print on demand
  • Customizable print forms
  • Modules
  • Creation
  • Printing

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