Identifying and locating people

By identifying and locating people, we can secure the site in real time in the event of an incident. Thanks to the real-time geolocation system, it is possible to evacuate all those present, facilitating the work of the emergency services if necessary.


Each person on site is equipped with an RFID badge. This badge can have several functions, including access to certain areas of the site. But above all, this RFID badge will be a valuable source of information in the event of an alarm being triggered. In real time, when the alarm is triggered, RFID badges transmit the latest location information.

Good to know

If the alarm is not triggered, it is not possible to know the position of people on the site. This system is not designed to track people.
but to intervene rapidly in the event of a problem. This real-time geolocation system is particularly effective for sensitive sites, ATEX sites, SEVESO sites, etc., in sectors such as petrochemicals, oil & gas, petrochemicals, etc.
mines, tunnels, construction, …

Thanks to real-time geolocation, high-risk production sites are even safer.

In addition, there are devices to protect lone workers. A lone worker is defined as “out of sight, out of mind”. It can be triggered either voluntarily by the employee or automatically, in the event of loss of verticality for example.

The benefits of this RFID solution

  • SOS, Evacuation alert, Danger warning
  • Compliance with RGPD regulations
  • Ease of deployment
  • Multi-zone site management
  • Precise location
  • Trace and time-stamp all events

How does it work?

1. Put your trust in an expert;
2. Site survey
3. Solution feasibility
4. Software development
5. On-site installation
6. Plant maintenance