The electronics industry was one of the first to use direct laser marking to identify boards and PCBs reliably and securely throughout the manufacturing process.hand-held and fixed DPM readers are installed on manufacturing lines to read low-contrast codes. Future electronic cards will be identified by RFID chip, with an RFID component intrinsic to the card.CIPAM can intervene at all stages of traceability projects, for laser marking systems, for DPM reading tools with specific decoding algorithms and lighting, for RFID encoding tools, as well as for hardware and software solutions for inventory, search and production tracking.



In a factory producing electronic boards, certain sensitive components (MSL coils) have a very limited lifespan as soon as they are removed from the dehumidifying dry cabinet. In addition, each component has to be placed precisely on the board by the robots: a place for everything and everything in its place! Most of the components used are not manufactured by the factory. The study therefore focuses on the electronic board assembly line.

  • Traceability of the assembly line
    Traceability of the assembly line