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Apollo server


It’s not always easy to get a WIFI PDA or PLC to communicate with a remote database. With this in mind, CIPAM has developed a communication server that is easy to implement, whatever your infrastructure and database engine. Apollo installs itself on your server and interfaces your database engine with the peripherals to be connected, using a simple, efficient protocol. It’s a Windows service with a user-friendly configuration and administration interface, and supports multi-instance installation on a single machine. CIPAM integrates Apollo into numerous traceability-related IT projects, including :

Supported systems
Windows Server 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2005 Windows Server 2008 Citrix environments

Supported databases
Oracle SQL Server MySQL Interbase, Firebird All connections via ODBC, ADODB and more…

Supported customers
Any type of client capable of using a TCP socket connection, for example: Handheld terminal PDA PLC with ethernet card Ethernet microcontroller and more…

Development areas
CIPAM continues to develop Apollo to meet the needs of its customers: Support for IBM DB/2 and Ingres databases Exchange encryption for remote use via GPRS and/or GSM data and much more… We can also offer you the Visual Studio .NET SDK, enabling you to develop your own communication applications for Windows CE.NET and Windows Mobile PDAs.

  • Packaging traceability
  • Production traceability
  • Equipment tracking
  • etc...

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