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Loftware NiceLabel – Powerforms Suite


Streamline labeling to improve productivity

NiceLabel’s software suite lets you quickly create dynamic label masks and optimize the efficiency and precision of the printing process;
Adapting the print interface to operators and processes, or integrating labeling with existing applications and master data, eliminates printing errors;

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  • Description
  • In addition toDesigner Express and Designer Pro, Powerforms is equipped with the following features to provide you with a complete labeling solution:

    • Spell check of manual data entries
    • Integrated, non-programmable graphics application editor for building efficient labeling solutions to control printing
    • Customizable user experience with over 15 pre-built user interfaces and multiple form compatibility
    • Workflow and business rule editor with over 40 actions for label printing, database queries, integration with scales or PLCs…
    • A solution that can contain multiple labels and forms to enhance dynamic data management and portability
    • Integrated PDF print engine for optimized PDF document creation without third-party software;
    • Support for customized multilingual applications
    • Interfacing and controlling peripherals: scales, PLCs, etc;
    • Automatic serial port monitoring for scale integration
    • Dynamic media changeover – print the same mask with different rotations and on different types of media;
    • Native 32- and 64-bit Windows service for print integration (automation easy)
    • Graphical integrator for integration configuration without programming
    • 4 connectors (file dump, serial port, database and TCP/IP) for integration with a wide range of systems and devices
    • Workflow editor and job rules with 15+ actions for label printing, data processing and network communication;
    • Dynamic preview of print job during set-up
    • Structured text data processing (CSV and fixed-width columns)
    • JOB Nicelabel and XML data processing
    • Unstructured text and binary data processing
    • Dedicated integration manager with logs
    • API for programmatic integration in .NET

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