CIPAM offers a range of solutions for the metallurgy and steel industries to ensure product traceability and automatic quality control, using image analysis or laser sensors. We provide customized or standard permanent marking solutions for the identification of industrial components, programmable marking systems for direct identification on parts or nameplates, and information capture solutions that identify parts with a unique DataMatrix code, which is then scanned and combined with other production information in a networked database to build up the traceability history of each part.


Our achievements in this sector

On a SEVESO site, the customer is subject to regular alarm tests. During these tests, all site personnel must assemble in specific areas. The customer must be able to ensure that all personnel have followed the procedure within the allotted time. This operation usually takes 1h30 to manage 3 assembly points.

  • Ensuring the safety of personnel on a SEVESO site
    Ensuring the safety of personnel on a SEVESO site