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Which traceability solution will be best suited to YOUR situation?

Thanks to its expertise and experience of more than 30 years, CIPAM has developed over the years numerous solutions to meet all of your needs in terms of traceability. Aware that each project, each company, each need is different, CIPAM adapts to your existing environment and constraints by starting by searching for and recommending THE solution best suited to your needs and your project.

Some examples of traceability and identification solutions:


1 team of experts dedicated to your project

When you call on CIPAM, you benefit from a team of experts, from the analysis of your needs to the maintenance of your equipment, including installation on your site. A design office specially organised to meet all your requirements in terms of traceability and process optimisation. From finding the most appropriate technology to maintaining your equipment and developing customised software, our experts are with you every step of the way.

A host of advantages

Why implement traceability, identification or location solutions? Among other things, these solutions enable you to:

  • Increase the productivity of your businesses
  • Improving stock management
  • Reinforcing access control
  • Optimising warehouse/store flows
  • Developing automated processes



Discover all our traceability solutions

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  • Traceability in pharmaceutical environments

    Traceability in pharmaceutical environments

  • Identifying and locating people

    Identifying and locating people

    By identifying and locating people, we can secure the site in real time in the event of an incident. Thanks to the real-time geolocation system, it is possible to evacuate all those present, facilitating the work of the emergency services if necessary.
  • Geolocate your assets

    Geolocate your assets

    Geolocation provides complete real-time visibility of assets to optimize flows throughout activities and supply chains, and improve processes.
  • Identify your assets

    Identify your assets

    Identification is the 1st link in the chain, the 1st key stage in a traceability system. Thanks to identification, labelled products carry information and have a unique identity, just like our national insurance number;
  • Automate the management of reusable containers

    Automate the management of reusable containers

    The use of reusable containers for production and logistics is commonplace in the food, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Good management of these containers ensures that they are available to operators and that stocks are accurate in real time. You'll also benefit financially;

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