Automate the management of reusable containers

The use of reusable containers for production and logistics is commonplace in the food, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Good management of these containers ensures that they are available to operators and that stocks are accurate in real time. It also offers financial benefits. By automating the management of your reusable containers, you can manage their life cycle at every stage: filling, transport, use/expiry, cleaning and maintenance.


Each container, whatever the material (plastic, wood, metal, etc.), is identified using RFID technology: RFID stick-on labels, screw-on hardened RFID tags, fixed hardened RFID tags. The container now has a unique identifier. The unique identifier of your reusable container is read by an RFID terminal, an RFID PDA or an RFID portal. RFID technology allows you to manage the tracking of containers internally, as well as shipments and returns to your subcontractors or customers. When it comes to applying your identifiers, the choice is yours! Manual or automatic, consult our solution on automatic label application methods.

Good to know

To find out which is the most effective identifier for tracing your reusable containers, consult our product identification solution.

And then what?

Once you have identified your reusable container, there are a number of reading solutions:


Automated management of your reusable containers allows you to :

  • Reducing stocks
  • Limiting loss and theft
  • Improve productivity (time spent searching for containers)
  • Knowing the location of containers in real time
  • Integrating or improving the CSR approach
  • Simplify flow management
  • Visibility and monitoring of work in progress
  • Maximising utilisation rates
  • Limiting investment

Need a traceability solution for your reusable containers?

How does it work?

1. Put your trust in an expert;
2. Label your containers
3. Install a player
4. Associate your container with its location or assignment
5. Interface with your ERP