Product brands : Nicelabel

Loftware NiceLabel – Designer Express


Obsolete version – see Designer Pro version


Features :

  • Intuitive Office 365-style user interface
  • Extensive context-sensitive help with tooltips
  • Free telephone and e-mail support for both evaluators and purchasers
  • User interface in 20 languages
  • Collects and prints data in all languages – fully unicode
  • A single, direct installer for 32- and 64-bit environments
  • Label layout wizard for fast learning with best print quality and performance
  • Text, barcodes, lines, frames, circles, clip art gallery and images and PDF files
  • Reverse/negative object printing: black and white
  • Compatible with Windows and native printer fonts
  • Tools for aligning objects on objects and arbitrary rotation of all objects
  • Over 70 linear and 2D barcodes and compatibility with printer barcodes
  • Intuitive data source wizard for GS1 application identifiers
  • Automatic calculation of the control character
  • Free positioning of “readable” bar code text
  • Customizable font size for “readable” text
  • Unlimited undo/redo commands
  • Keyboard entry or scanner at print time
  • Decimal counters
  • PC- or printer-based timestamp fields
  • Print data from Excel or text files
  • All-in-one automatic print form with data entry control and dynamic print job preview
  • Customizable data entry and error checking filters
  • Print selection of the database record on a single screen
  • Secure operator environment for efficient document selection and printing (Niceprint)
  • Create shortcuts for one-click printing
  • Native support for over 4,000 marking and labeling devices
  • Compatible with all laser and inkjet printers with Windows drivers
  • Support for local and network printers
  • Optimize speed by reprinting data without having to resend it
  • Session print – combines multiple labels in a single print stream for enhanced performance


  • 1 user and unlimited printers
  • Label editor
  • Basic database: Text or Excel files
  • Basic counter
  • Variables basiques
  • Print on demand
  • Predefined print forms
  • Modules
  • Creation
  • Printing

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