Geolocate your assets

Geolocation provides complete real-time visibility of assets to optimize flows throughout activities and supply chains, and improve processes.
This is where RTLS (Real-Time Location System) solutions come in.

The latest market innovations enable the development of solutions for real-time location of all a company’s assets: objects, employees, vehicles…
Our products and services can be used both indoors and outdoors, to meet your most specific localization needs.

What does real-time localisation involve?

Real-time localization involves deploying automatic identification solutions to improve processes and make decisions at the right time for global applications in industrial environments.
With data updated in real time, it’s easy to make decisions in line with the pace of business!

Capitalizing on long range, high accuracy and long battery life, RTLS solutions provide the most cost-effective way to rapidly deploy multiple tracking applications. Highly scalable, these solutions enable you to track and manage staff and thousands of assets, even in the most challenging environments, increasing user comfort and staff safety at a minimum level of investment.

By making your supply chain more efficient, you’ll increase production, while saving time, money and space.
So it’s possible to do MORE with LESS.

Maximize your return on investment (achievable in less than 12 months) thanks to products with a long service life (7 years) and the best receiver range on the market in difficult conditions.
Geolocation, what applications?
Geolocation is used in a wide range of applications. Thanks to space-saving hardware that can be adapted to almost any industrial structure, RTLS can come to life in any company where there’s a need to locate assets in real time.
An overview of the most common uses for RTLS solutions

People tracking, safety and census

Companies with ATEX – Explosive Atmosphere – or SEVESO status have numerous safety constraints to comply with. Real-time geolocation solutions are an invaluable aid when it comes to complying with these safety standards. In the event of an alarm or incident, you can identify the location of people physically present on the premises with a single click. See our geolocation solution for staff safety: identify and locate people

Monitoring and management of loading and unloading docks

To facilitate dock management, real-time location systems have proved their worth in many companies. They make logistics traffic more fluid and dynamic.

Parts tracking and replenishment

Buying the right quantity at the right time to avoid losses and overstocking is possible with real-time tracking solutions. They improve the precision and efficiency of raw materials management.

Work-in-progress follow-up

By integrating all automatic identification technologies, it is possible to precisely track the progress of work in progress.

Vehicle tracking

Gain permanent visibility of your fleet with real-time tracking systems.