This BLE mini smart beacon is a small, portable device that locates its wearer. It uses BLE technology for very low power consumption and optimum battery life. It emits a vibration and lights up an LED in situations that you have previously configured. It can be used with BLE Smart and BLE Network architectures, configuring scanning and broadcasting cycles according to movement (based on the accelerometer) to save battery life. Example of use: Help your staff stay safe by letting them know in real time that there is a risk of contamination when they are too close to each other, thanks to a stand-alone device that generates an alert by vibration and LED light. The alert distance is configurable (1-3.5m). This beacon measures 45 x 45 x 17.5 mm. Discover similar beacons in different sizes:

Également dans la gamme BLE :

  • BEACON – BLE / Battery-powered beacon installed in a fixed location that broadcasts a Bluetooth Low Energy signal every 800 milliseconds to nearby tags.
  • NETWORK GATEWAY – DONGLE BLE / The network gateway has 7 USB ports for receiving data from BLE dongles and sending them back to the server via the network.

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  • Technical specifications
  • • Compatible avec les configurations Ubudu BLE V1 (liaison montante) et V2 (liaison descendante)

    • Micrologiciel évolutif

    • Accéléromètre intégré

    • Indicateur visuel LED

    • Facteur de forme amovible

    • Autonomie de plus de 23 mois, selon le scénario

    • Facteur de forme portable

    • Alimenté par une pile bouton remplaçable (1000mAh)

    • Conçu et fabriqué dans l’UE

    • Chaque unité soigneusement testée

    • Garantie 1an

    • Dimensions 45 x 45 x 17,5 mm

    • Poids ~42 g

    • Certifié CE

    • IP54 prêt pour les zones industrielles

    • IP67 en option

    • Oper. temp. -30°C ÷ 60°C

    • Disponible en blanc et gris (autres couleurs sur demande)

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