The Blue COIN ID MESH, equipped with WIREPAS MESH technology, is the answer to your industrial needs for tracking people and equipment indoors. This system tracks the movements of people and equipment in real time, ensuring the safety of your employees and facilitating fleet management. Compact, the BLUE COIN ID can be positioned directly on equipment or worn as a badge by your employees. The BLUE COIN ID is also available with an accelerometer for intelligent battery management. The integrated WIREPAS MESH network activates the pick-to-light function. Via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), it can be detected by any equipment with standard Bluetooth connectivity. In the same category, see also Blue PUCK ID MESH, Blue ANCHOR MESH, Blue SLIM ID MESH Translated with (free version)

    • Grande portée de communication grâce à sa topologie réseau MESH
    • Simplicité de déploiement, de maintenance et d’extension
    • Mise à jour Firmware à travers le réseau (OTAP)
    • Système Pick to light: LED intégrée
    • Fonction trame Advertising BLE
    • Boitier industriel robuste – Étanchéité IP68
    • Puce NFC intégrée
    • Température d’utilisation : -30°C à +70°C
    • Boîtier : Ø 36 mm base – hauteur 10 mm

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