ZQ300 Series


Your shop’s mobile printing capabilities have a direct impact on the quality of customer service and the productivity of your sales staff; By printing receipts, staff can close sales anywhere in the shop, preventing abandonment, improving the customer experience and helping to boost revenue; By printing labels on the spot, staff can carry out mark-ups, mark-downs and shelf checks faster and more accurately; This avoids costly pricing errors and frees up time to focus on customers;

The Zebra ZQ300 Series printers accept consumables up to 58 mm (2 inches) and 80 mm (3 inches) wide, so your salespeople can do it all; Compact and lightweight, these printers are easy to use with just one hand, making mobile printing an everyday convenience; Unique, patented batteries and power management technologies extend autonomy throughout the working period; Support for 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 means you can benefit from the latest wireless connections for faster printing;

The ZQ300 Series runs on Link-OS® and is supported by Print DNA, a powerful suite of applications, utilities and development tools that enhance the printing experience with high performance, simplified remote management and easier integration; The ZQ300 Series: small, affordable mobile printers with all the bells and whistles of the big boys;

  • Technical specifications


    Imprimante ZQ310 : 130 mm L x 93,5 mm É x 49,5 mm H
    Imprimante ZQ320 : 130 mm L x 117,7 mm É x 49,5 mm H



    Imprimante ZQ310 : 600 cc
    Imprimante ZQ320 : 757 cc


    Poids (batterie comprise)

    Imprimante ZQ310 : 0,37 kg
    Imprimante ZQ320 : 0,43 kg


    Système d’exploitation Link-OS®
    Mode d’impression Thermique direct
    Résolution 203 dpi (8 points/mm)
    Mémoire 128 Mo RAM, 256 Mo Flash (48 Mo disponibles pour l’utilisateur)
    Batterie PowerPrecision+ Li-Ion 2 280 mAh, 7,2 V

    Largeur d’impression maximale

    Imprimante ZQ310 : 48 mm
    Imprimante ZQ320 : 72 mm
    Vitesse d’impression maximale Jusqu’à 4 ips (100 mm/s)
    Capteurs de consommables Séparations, marques noires, absence de consommable, ouverture du capot

    Langages de programmation

    CPCL, ZPL. Le langage de programmation ZPL garantit une totale compatibilité avec de nombreuses autres imprimantes Zebra.

    Massicot Barre de déchirement
    Sens d’impression Horizontal et vertical

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