PW2NX series


The PW2NX Series is SATO’s highly productive, durable and compact 2-inch mobile printer. It is ideal for a wide range of sectors, from manufacturing and distribution to healthcare. It offers best-in-class print speed and robust, high-quality printing thanks to a wide range of interface options. Both models are cost-effective solutions for quickly printing the information you need, when you need it, where you need it. Translated with (free version)

  • Technical specifications
  • Méthode d’impression : Thermique direct
    Résolution d’impression : 203dpi (8dpmm)
    Surface d’impression :  55mm
    Vitesse d’impression : 152mm/sec (6 ips). Contrôle intelligent pour une impression rapide et régulière
    Poids : 437.8g (batterie incluse)
    Epreuve de chute : 2,1 mètres, toutes faces
    Batterie : Batterie lithium-ion intelligente. 7,2 V, 1950 mAh
    Compatibilité étiquettes Linerless (sans glassine) Oui
    Interfaces : USB, Bluetooth, WiFi interfaces avec compatilité iOS

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