ZQ600 Series


Opt for maximum productivity, operational efficiency and impeccable customer service with the ZQ600 range of mobile printers.

From the warehouse to the factory, from the shop to the hospital or from the lorry to the logistics site, your teams print labels and receipts on the spot, immediately. Zebra’s ZQ600 printers take the qualities of the popular QLn platform and enhance them with advanced technology, including RFID*, and an innovative design that takes productivity, ease of use and manageability to an unprecedented level.

Packed with features and available in 2″, 3″ and 4″ models, these printers give your teams a real competitive edge, even during the longest shifts.

A large colour display, industry-leading patented battery technology for uninterrupted power, the latest 802.11ac and Bluetooth wireless connectivity and an instant wake-up function make it easy for your staff to work in the field.

The printers in the ZQ600 range support the powerful Print DNA suite of applications, utilities and development tools powered by Link OS, which improves printing performance and simplifies remote management and integration.

*Only available on ZQ630 RFID

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