The Lector62x is a compact code reading camera for reading 1D, 2D and stacked codes as well as plain text. Its powerful DPM decoder also reads laser-engraved or micro-perforated codes with ease, even in the event of low contrast, soiling or poor code quality. The Lector62x is particularly insensitive to stray light thanks to its powerful two-colour LED lighting concept. This guarantees reliable code reading even in variable lighting conditions. The compact housing with swivel connection unit makes it the perfect code reader for production lines where space is limited.

  • Intelligent decoding algorithms for high throughput even with low-contrast or dirty codes
  • Variable lighting concept and optical accessories guarantee reliable reading even in variable lighting conditions and on reflective surfaces
  • Automatic set-up wizard for quick and easy commissioning
  • Shorter downtime in the event of replacement, thanks to parameter backup on MicroSD card
  • Shorter programming times thanks to the transmission of reading results to the control unit in the desired format
  • Stable reading performance even at -35 °C thanks to cold store variants
  • Technical specifications
  • Mise au point : Focale réglable (électrique) / fonction d’autofocus apprentissage (selon le type)
    Résolution du capteur : 752 px x 480 px | 1.280 px x 1.024 px
    Fréquence de balayage : 25 Hz / 60 Hz / 50 Hz (selon le type)
    Distance de lecture : 30 mm … 1.500 mm (selon le type)
    Indice de protection : IP65 / IP67 (selon le type)
    PROFINET : en option via un module de bus de terrain externe | selon le type
    EtherCAT : en option via un module de bus de terrain externe
    Série : RS-232, RS-422
    CAN : Oui
    CANopen : Oui
    PROFIBUS DP : en option via un module de bus de terrain externe
    Ethernet : TCP/IP
    EtherNet/IP™ : Oui
    Poids : 170 g

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