Matrix 220


Thanks to its high-resolution sensor, the DPM Matrix 220 reader offers innovative lighting solutions and industrial-grade electronic focusing technology;

Ideal for reading DPM codes and direct product marking;

This fixed red/blue DPM reader features polarized and diffused light options for optimal illumination of any surface;

Get maximum reading flexibility with remote focus adjustment;

The Matrix 220 imager is easy to use thanks to its green and red lighting, its X-Press™ button and its intuitive interface, but also its DL.CODE™ configuration software whose Automatic Configuration mode makes code reading quick and easy.

IP65 and IP67 industrial ratings and an operating temperature range (-10 to 50 ºC) guarantee optimum quality and robustness in manufacturing applications.

The Matrix 220 imager offers cost-effective communication options thanks to PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity, PROFINET/IO on-board standard and ETHERNET/IP industrial fieldbus;

Suitable for the electronics, automotive, packaging and document processing industries;

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