The Gryphon 4500 is designed for easy integration and installation. This reader allows rapid integration with little effort. Product reliability is maximized. Gryphon 4500 Fixed Series reader modules feature a durable design. The reader is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to its many qualities: – IP54 waterproofing – scratch-resistant, UV-protected output window – wide operating temperature range – high resistance to accidental drops, shock and vibration The reader boasts enhanced performance, thanks to the most advanced megapixel sensor technology and distinctive red or white illumination technology. Together, they deliver outstanding reading performance. Wide-angle optics enable fast scanning of all 1 D and 2D barcodes. All backed by the ultimate decoding algorithms you can rely on. Green Spot” technology, combined with a high-visibility LED on the top and an integrated, intensity-adjustable audible signal, provides optimum feedback;

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