The VLASE series is a family of solid-state laser marking products dedicated to general manufacturing, electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. It is ideal for direct part marking on high-reflectivity materials, heat-sensitive parts and high-stability thermoplastic components. The VLASE family is available in different power levels and three wavelengths to cover a wide range of applications and materials such as steel, titanium, aluminum and plastics (ABS, PP, PES, PET, PVC…).

  • Embedded controller with Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system: full language support and dedicated hard disk for data storage
  • Integrated 90-249 VAC power supply
  • 4 independent stepper motor controllers: simplify management of rotary indexers, x-y tables, z-axis, etc.
  • Extremely easy integration and configuration: I/O connections, IEC power socket on rear panel, dedicated M12 connectors for Photocell and Encoder
  • Convenient and reliable: main control key on the front panel, USB port with new, improved air-cooling system with removable dust filter that improves operating temperature up to 40°C at full power.
  • Easy access to laser diode module: for fiber installation and maintenance
  • Excellent beam quality: for optimized industrial marking applications

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