Datalogic Laser Marking


Datalogic offers a complete range of laser marking systems to meet speed, quality and budget requirements. Technology used in the automotive, electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The advantages of laser marking :

  • Permanent and durable: resistant to abrasion, water, oil, temperature, UV marking
  • Long-term legibility
  • Simple, clean and dry handling: no solvents or inks, no mechanical interaction with materials, no drying time…
  • High resolution: for graphics, logos or fonts, up to 600 DPI
  • Low environmental impact: no paint, ink, acid, solvents or chemicals


Products in the :

  • Ulyxe :offers laser marking solutions (6.5 W DPSS system) ideal for stand-alone applications and industrial production lines.
  • VLASE: combines axially pumped laser sources with the flexibility and ease of configuration of the integrated controller
  • Arex: high-performance laser markers based on fiber-optic laser technology, designed for DPM applications
  • UniQ: revolutionary, innovative approach to fiber laser marking, ultra-compact housing
  • EOX: high-quality, permanent co2 laser marking on a wide range of materials, suitable for precise industrial traceability, marking and coding applications.

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