S1000 and S3200 applicators


Combine an applicator with a SQUIX printer for a cost-effective solution. Whether used semi-automatically or integrated into a production line, this combination provides you with a real-time installation system.

S1000 applicator

The applicator’s integrated actuator enables the printed label to be applied to the product.

Cylinder stroke varies from 220 to 400mm.

Cylinder 220 mm :

  • Baseplate displacement under printer: 64 mm
  • Air pressure: 4.5 bar

300 mm cylinder :

  • Baseplate displacement under printer: 144 mm

400 mm cylinder :

  • Baseplate displacement under printer: 244 mm

Applicator S3200

The rotary actuator of the S3200 applicator positions the label between 45° and 95°, then places it on the product thanks to the short-stroke actuator.

The cylinder stroke of the S3200 applicator is 30 mm.

Stamping and blowing soles are made to label dimensions.


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