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CIPAM supplies a wide range of ribbons for thermal transfer printers;

As each application is unique, we have a wide range of qualities, widths and lengths to adapt to all your constraints and projects and find THE solution corresponding to YOUR needs;

Thermal transfer is the most widespread printing technique on the market; It uses the heat of the print head to transfer the ink from the ribbon to the paper; Thermal transfer gives labels a significantly longer lifespan, so they can be used in extreme environments;

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  • Qualities: Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin
  • Lengths: 74m, 91m, 300m, 450m
  • Widths: from 40 to 220mm;
  • Available for the most popular thermal transfer printers on the market: ZEBRA, DATAMAX, TEC TOSHIBA, etc;

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