Matrix 320


This 2D reader-imager brilliantly handles traceability applications in distribution, 3PL logistics, retail logistics and the workshop;

Visit Matrix 320 features ideal technologies for peak performance in demanding applications : high-performance C-mount lenses, intelligent lighting and 5 MP sensor. Together, they deliver excellent reading performance in a wider range of applications, thanks to a impressive field of view for reading multiple labels or codes in a single acquisition using a single reader. In addition to its 36-LED ultra-high-power illumination, the Matrix 320 incorporates a new ultra-high-power lighting with 72 LEDs for demanding applications in terms of speed, distance and depth of field.

Based on a multi-core platform, this sensor offers unrivalled reading speed for the packaging industry’s most demanding applications. Its ability to read damaged labels or codes, combined with solid DPM reading performance, makes it the ideal partner for a multitude of applications; Its compact size means it can be installed almost anywhere, even in environments where pocket scanners are traditionally used;

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