The LI4278 breathes new life into 1D barcode reading by reading faster and further; It captures almost all 1D barcodes, whether printed on a paper label or displayed on a screen (phone, tablet or computer) and the high-density codes commonly used in the manufacture of electronic components; Bluetooth technology offers better wireless performance and energy management, guaranteeing autonomy for a full working day;

  • Excellent 1D reading performance: higher speed and greater data capture
  • Capture all 1D barcodes, on any surface
  • Extended operating range: reads UPC barcodes at distances ranging from 2.54 cm to over 76.2 cm and high-density codes;
  • Single circuit board construction: maximises robustness and reduces downtime;
  • Bright, sharp line of sight: ideal in bright or dimly lit environments;
  • Built-in, rechargeable and replaceable battery;
  • Withstands more than 100 consecutive drops onto concrete;
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Delayed mode operation: allows you to continue reading barcodes outside the communication zone

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