Handheld reader – OPN 3002n


The OPN-3002 is a 2D companion barcode scanner with a compact design. Lightweight, it slips easily into your pocket, making it the ideal scanner to take with you. Transfer your data in real time, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, or store your data locally when no connection is available. Integrating barcode scanning into your business processes has never been easier, thanks to the OPN-3002 handheld scanner. The OPN-3002 is a powerful 2D scanner equipped with a high-capacity battery so the scanner can operate for hours without charging. The Bluetooth connection facilitates real-time data transfer to your system and is capable of connecting to any device. This companion scanner is also drop-resistant up to 1.5 metres without the need for special protection. The scanner is Apple certified.

Using the OPN-3002 is simple and straightforward:

  • a button to scan the barcode
  • a button to correct mistakes

Both actions provide visual feedback for fluid interaction.

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