Industrial fixed scanner – FS20


With the FS20, each item is tracked and traced throughout its journey, from manufacture to storage and order processing.

On an assembly line: scan the barcode of each component to make sure you’re using the right part at the right time, and quickly carry out a targeted recall of products containing faulty parts.

In the warehouse: scan the barcode of items as they are placed on the shelves for real-time stock visibility.

When processing orders: scan the barcode to check that you are assigning the right product to the right customer.

This network-ready fixed industrial scanner is the smallest in Zebra’s range and is suitable for all environments where you need to capture barcodes.

Featuring the powerful and intuitive Zebra Aurora software platform, the FS20 industrial fixed scanner is extremely easy to configure, deploy and use. Thanks to its multiple connectivity options, it is easy to integrate into your host or PLC network.

And when it comes to barcode capture, Zebra’s exclusive features, such as ImagePerfect and PRZM intelligent imaging, mean you can read every barcode first time, every time, in almost any condition.

Comptabile with the machine vision camera: VS20

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