Obsolete product: see the 1990i XR / 1991iXR

The SR61-XR is the first handheld scanner on the market with integrated near/far imaging technology, offering unrivalled flexibility for reading multiple symbologies at varying distances. This model features a rugged design and optional Bluetooth wireless communication. In addition to its advanced functions, the SR61-XR offers incredible responsiveness and advanced imaging capabilities such as data analysis, multiple code reading and image/video capture.

  • State-of-the-art imaging technology: allows 1D and 2D scanning at varying distances
  • Ease of use: laser sight and omnidirectional scanning make targeting simple
  • Uses 2D and stacked barcode symbologies
  • Robust: designed to withstand drops from 2 m onto concrete, waterproof and dustproof
  • Wireless USB 2.0 interface: for rapid transfer of data or bar code images to the host system

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