H-CLASS . series


The H-Class is ideal for high-volume label printing in manufacturing, warehousing, transport and high-resolution labelling applications;

The H-Class reduces the total cost of ownership thanks to its gear drive design, which offers robustness and reliability for vital 24/7 services; The H-Class offers a wide range of connectivity options to meet the diverse needs of applications and can be easily integrated into any type of network; Its modular construction increases usable time to achieve the highest levels of user productivity; The H-Class has the largest graphic display in the industry, offering an easy-to-read layout for navigating and viewing printer notifications quickly; Compatibility with UHF and HF RFID configurations for current or future needs protects your investment in this printer. Its high-quality features, performance and rock-solid reliability make the H-Class the most affordable top-of-the-range printer on the market;

H-Class printers meet the diverse demands of RFID implementations, which are constantly growing; Whatever your needs, H-Class printers offer power, performance and reliability and comply with EPC G2 standards; The H-Class offers a complete range of printers with the right dimensions that are compatible with both UHF and HF frequencies;

The IntelliSEAQ™ printhead combines advanced thermal control with comprehensive performance history to deliver the most sophisticated diagnostics available today. Diagnostics stored in the print head enable you to quickly assess the operation of the print head and proactively carry out printer maintenance without compromising business productivity;


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