This reading module is easy to integrate into a project without the need for reading technology skills; It has excellent near-field reading, a wide field of vision, tolerance to movement and great speed; It also offers excellent performance on poor quality or damaged codes, as well as confirmation of correct reading; Several modes in the Gryphon GFS4100 OEM reader module can be used as triggers;

  • High-speed imaging optics: reading codes in motion
  • Playback speed: 320 frames per second;
  • Excellent near-field reading;
  • Reads all the most common 1D codes (including GS1 DataBar)
  • High-resolution code reading: up to 3 mils
  • "Green Spot": confirmation that you're reading the right text
  • Automatic capture or playback at the touch of a trigger;
  • Integrated interface cable;
  • Protection class: IP54

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