This full-featured device can access information contained in the central system, read virtually any barcode, capture documents to simplify file management, and take and send videos and photos for real-time repair assistance; Whether it’s repairing equipment, picking up or delivering a product, taking customer orders, inspecting buildings or restaurants, issuing parking tickets or gathering competitive intelligence, the MC67 is the ideal solution for getting the job done right, faster.

  • Dimensions: 162.2 x 77 x 33.5 mm;
  • Weight : 385 g (batterie Lithium-Ion 3600 mAh rechargeable included)
  • Operating system: Microsoft Embedded Hanheld 6.5;
  • Microprocessor: Dual Core 800 MHz OMAP 4 processor;
  • Drop resistance: multiple drops from 1.8 m onto concrete;
  • Shock resistance: 2000 shocks

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