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Contrôle Syntaxe GS1


Having high-performance DATAMATRIX code reading equipment is essential, so is being sure of the print quality and legibility of your DATAMATRIX codes. CIPAM’s GS1 Syntax Checker software is designed to verify the quality and conformity of your DATAMATRIX codes. For pharmaceutical and veterinary applications, Datamatrix ECC200 must be encoded according to the GS1 system with data identifiers (AI). This system is characterized by:

  • a standard format for coding and symbolization
  • a symbol architecture that allows different data (item identification, expiry date, batch number, quantities, etc.) to be organized within a single symbol.

This combination ensures the compatibility of information systems between partners who would have made different technical choices. Each piece of data translated into a Datamatrix symbol is introduced by an identifier (AI) that defines the nature and structure of the data. For ease of reading, the AI is shown in brackets below the symbol in the plain text translation. Brackets themselves must never be encoded in Datamatrix. Here are some data identifiers specific to the GS1 System:

  • Item GTIN: 01
  • Maximum validity date (YYMMDD): 17
  • Manufacturing batch number: 10
  • Serial number (serialization): 21

The GS1 System is also characterized by the use of a special character, also known as FNC1, in the first position of the alphanumeric character string. It serves as a beacon for the reader to process the information when decoding the symbol.

CIPAM offers special software to check the conformity of your Datamatrix with this GS1 system. This software can be installed in various reading devices: Motorola MK500, Motorola MT2000 and handheld terminals.

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