Industrial camera – VS40


Simplify your operations with zebra’s intelligent machine vision camera: VS40

Thanks to its decision-making intelligence and the automation provided by the VS40, you can guarantee the quality of your products and meet your production targets.

The result: defects are virtually eliminated, manufacturing costs are reduced and customer satisfaction is increased.

Thanks to Zebra Aurora, the platform deployed by Zebra, your machine vision solutions are simpler than ever. Its integrated functions (lighting, connectivity, power supply and more) make the VS40 one of the most flexible pieces of equipment in its category.

Zebra’s exclusive features, such as ImagePerfect and the Feasibility Setup Assistant, reduce the number of :

  • the number of stages,
  • the duration of training,
  • the time
  • management costs

Comptabile with fixed industrial scanner: FS40

The machine vision range also includes :

The industrial camera – VS20

The industrial camera – VS70

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