Suitable for use in harsh industrial environments, the Blue PUCK ID tag is robust, compact and durable, and features Bluetooth technology; It can be used to identify and track industrial equipment within a radius of 500 metres and has a battery life of up to 20 years;

Its Bluetooth Low Energy technology means it can interface with any mobile device with this capability; Its NFC chip makes programming and proximity identification flexible and convenient;

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  • Technical specifications
    • Grande portée d’émission : jusqu’à 500m (champ libre)
    • Autonomie : jusqu’à 20 ans
    • Système Pick to light : LED intégrée
    • Boîtier industriel robuste – Étanchéité IP68
    • Puce NFC intégrée
    • Compatible : ID (ELA), iBeacon (Apple) et Eddystone (Google)
    • Gamme de température : -40°C à +85°C
    • Boîtier DELRIN blanc – 2 trous pour fixation
    • ∅ 57 mm base – hauteur 18 mm – poids 36 g
    • Respect des normes environnementales : RoHS

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