Product brands : LEUZE ELECTRONIC



With the BCL 500i barcode reader, Leuze electronic completes its family of barcode readers; With superior features, Code-Fragment Technology (CRT) and integrated fieldbus connectivity; The high-performance optics of the BCL 500i, with a symmetrical optical aperture angle of ±30°, give a wide reading area even at close range; The devices offer great depth of field and are available in three types depending on the size of the bars in the code (from 0.25 mm, 0.35 mm and 0.5 mm); All three types are available with identical reading fields, whether in monotrame, with deflecting mirror or oscillating;

  • Power supply 10...30 VDC
  • RS233, RS422, RS485 interfaces
  • Protocol: Leuze, ACK/NAK, PROFIBUS
  • Reads all standard barcodes;
  • 4 com. inputs/outputs configurables
  • 128x64 pixel monochrome screen;
  • Aluminium case IP65, glass optics
  • Class 2 laser diode

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