The 3820 combines proprietary technology and Bluetooth wireless connectivity to deliver top-of-the-range performance and reliability for optical barcode reading in supermarkets and retail outlets. With a range of 10 m and a reading range of 61 cm, this wireless reader enables barcodes to be scanned quickly, safely and ergonomically, and offers the perfect combination of performance and functionality. Exceptionally rugged, it has been designed to meet the demands of real-life mobile applications.

  • Superior reading range: up to 61 cm for barcodes used in retail applications
  • Fast, accurate decoding: even with damaged or poorly printed barcodes, the 270-reads-per-second capacity and the software digitizer enable rapid data processing and transmission to your applications.
  • Bluetooth 2.0 wireless connectivity: allows distance of up to 10 m from base station and reduces interference with other wireless systems, 7 imagers can communicate with one base station
  • Long-life Lithium-Ion battery: hot-swappable, provides a capacity of 57,000 readings per full charge and requires no preconditioning
  • Sturdiness: robust design with no moving parts, withstands more than 50 drops from 1.80 m onto concrete
  • Unique docking station: small footprint, control screen for efficient hands-free barcode reading, host-powered interface and RF link

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