The RS5000 ring scanner enables operators to capture virtually any 1D or 2D barcode, in virtually any condition, simply by pointing it at a prodigious speed; In terms of comfort, the RS5000 is very light and perfectly balanced, allowing operators to handle items, materials and objects with little discomfort; It is also very robust and easy to use;

    • Dimensions : 51,50 mm L x 32,00 mm l x 27,50 mm
    • Optical resolution: 1,280 x 800 pixels;
    • Drop resistance : Repeated drops from a height of 1.20 m onto a concrete surface over the entire operating temperature range
    • Operating temperature : -30°C to +50.0°C
    • Storage temperature: -40°C to +60°C;
    • Watertightness: IP65

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