134 Khz controller card


The Controller Board is the interface between a radio frequency module and a control host; It controls the RFM’s transmit and receive functions according to the host’s commands to send signals and receive data from the transponder; It decodes the RF signals received into the transponder identification number, checks their validity and processes the conversion of the protocol into a standard serial interface;

  • Control module available with two interfaces: RI-CTL-MB2B for point-to-point communication via an RS232 interface; RI-CTL-MB6B for point-to-point via an RS422 interface or multipoint via an RS422/485 interface
  • Communication protocols: TIRIS bus protocol or ASCII protocol;
  • Control module: 8 user-configurable digital inputs/outputs and 2 open-collector outputs
  • Wireless synchronisation function and port: enables wired synchronisation to avoid interference between nearby players;
  • 4 LEDs to indicate the status of the module

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