The WORKABOUT PRO 4 laptop is constantly adapting to meet your changing needs. Thanks to its extraordinary modularity, you can acquire the features you need right away, and then add any other functions you find useful, right on the job. Industrial use (transport, distribution, manufacturing, field mobility).

  • Dimensions: long version 223 x 75/100 x 31/42 mm and short version 200 x 75/100 x 31/42 mm
  • Weight: long version 376 g, short version 461 g
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows Embedded CE6.0/Handheld 6.5
  • Microprocessor: 1 GHz Sitara AM37x ARM Cortex A8 processor
  • Drop resistance: 26 drops from 1.5 m onto polished concrete (options and accessories), repeated drops from 1.8 m onto polished concrete

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