Take advantage of regional subsidies to implement industry 4.0 solutions in your companies

As part of the “Osez l’industrie du futur” project, CIPAM is referenced for projects involving digital production tools: geolocation and flow control, and production tool software. This scheme, run by the ENE* and the AURA region, aims to support the region’s SMEs and ETIs in their growth and competitiveness through Industry 4.0. This support takes the form of subsidies for the creation of POCs to test innovative solutions. These grants cover 50% of the value of the project, up to a maximum of €16,000. To be eligible, you must be an SME or ETI located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and carrying out an industrial activity.

*ENE – Entreprise & Numérique – is a local economic development organization, whose services are available to companies in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region only.

Focus on geolocation and flow control


  • Meet the challenges of simplification and optimization in the context of manufacturing high value-added parts and/or non-linear processes with high variability and difficult to predict.

The aim is to establish a reliable and permanent link between the actual degree of progress of manufactured parts and production workshop planning.

Knowing how far parts have progressed through the successive manufacturing stages is essential for effective planning of the work remaining to be done. This information must of course be updated as soon as possible to ensure that the workshop schedule remains consistent.

Parts “self-declare” their progress in real time, without human intervention. To achieve this, it is necessary to create a digital link between the geolocation of the part in the workshop, its state of progress in the manufacturing routing, and its control system.

Benefits :

  • reliable, real-time information for planning, and therefore more coherent planning,
  • direct productivity gains through avoided data entry operations,
  • exact traceability of the workstations through which the part has passed.

Focus on production tool software

Objectives :

  • Reinforce the functions of the tool itself, automation, simulation, precision or traceability
  • Increasingly, interoperability and digital continuity mean that all product or system data is available throughout the various processes that make up its lifecycle: development – manufacturing – maintenance.


The aim here is to meet the challenges of innovation and performance of workshop equipment through the evaluation of associated digital solutions, in particular the adoption of software that is sometimes complex to select out of context:

  • Robotics: programming; simulation; trajectory automation
  • MES: real-time workshop production management and monitoring for more reliable workshop operation
  • Numerical control (NC): programming and simulation for machine-tool control: validate an innovative solution in a production context on a machine, the associated programming, simulation and monitoring tools, ensure skills transfer

Benefits :

  • Validate a solution in real-life conditions before deployment
  • Skills transfer on the theme and the solution
  • Making the manufacturing cycle more reliable
  • Evaluate and enhance product performance
  • Improve and optimize part quality
  • Accelerating time to market
  • Reduce manufacturing time and costs
  • Validating a technological choice
  • Product/process optimization

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