XC4 and XC6


The XC4 2-colour thermal transfer printer from CAB technologies is the ideal printer for printing two-colour labels in a wide range of fields (pictogram labels for GHS chemicals, signage labels, labels for industry, etc.); The XC4 2-colour CAB printer can print widths of up to 105.6mm, while the XC6 model is designed for larger widths (up to 162.6mm);
The XC 6 printer consists of two consecutive thermal transfer printing units, enabling two colours to be printed simultaneously on the same document; XC Series label printers comply with the new CLP GHS standard for chemicals. The first printing unit is also equipped with a ribbon saver; The XC4 colour thermal transfer printer has a robust cast iron and aluminium chassis;


  • - Colours: 2 simultaneous
  • - Resolution: 300 dpi
  • - Maximum speed: 125 mm/s
  • - Print width: 105.6
  • - Labels/day : More than 1000
  • - Printing environment : Industrial

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