The call button WhereCall is a wireless messaging device that is capable of transmitting simple messages to the infrastructure (requesting replenishment or indicating an event) without leaving the workstation. It can be easily integrated into a production environment without the need for a cable infrastructure;

Use in industry : mobility in the field, location management, localisation solutions, etc;

Features :

  • Frequencies: 2.4 to 2.483 GHz;
  • Typical localisation distance (indoors): 100 m;
  • Typical location distance (outdoor): 1,000m;
  • Typical reading distance (indoors): 200 m;
  • Typical reading distance (outdoor): 1,750m;
  • The button can be replaced by a GPIO connector;
  • Wireless messaging
  • Economise les coûts de reconfiguration des systèmes filaires
  • Longue autonomie de la batterie qui peut également être remplacée facilement
  • Prise en charge ISO / IEC 24730-2 ou WiFi avec Cisco CCX

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