The SURVIVOR rugged tag is an all-surface tag for applications where maximum read range and durability in harsh environments are key requirements. Its high performance enhances read accuracy, and it comes with a wide range of personalization options, including electrical encoding and visual markings. Tag from the same family :

  • Material: high-quality engineering plastics
  • Memory: 128-bit EPC + 512-bit
  • Reading range: up to 18 metres
  • Weight: 31 g
  • Delivery size: single, 100 pieces
  • Dimensions : 155 x 26 x 14,5 mm
  • Operating temperature: -35°C to +85°C
  • Protection rating: IP68
  • Weather resistance: good, including UV and seawater resistance
  • Chemical resistance: no physical or performance changes for 168 hours of exposure to motor oil, 48 hours of exposure to salt water (10% salinity), sulfuric acid (10%, pH 2) and NaOH (10%, pH 13), Acetone should be avoided but generally good resistance to moderate concentrations of acids, alcohols, alkalis, detergents and cleaners.