SIMATIC RTLS is the location system for flexible, cost-effective location solutions;

With SIMATIC RTLS, you can:

  • navigate material flows
  • control mobile robots
  • monitor the use of components
  • fully document the assembly of the final product;

SIMATIC RTLS enables high-precision localization over large areas, indoors and out; The system is suitable for locating and detecting a large number of objects; Each object is assigned a unique identifier by means of a transponder, which is attached to manufactured items, containers, transport units or people; It is also possible to display freely definable information on the transponder;

Various active transponders are available for industrial applications; They are designed for long life and operate on interchangeable batteries, rechargeable batteries or an external power supply;

The complete SIMATIC RTLS localization platform solutions comprise three elements:

  • Active transponders attached to objects to be located
  • Localization infrastructure consisting of gateways that record transponder signals and transmit them to the localization server;
  • The SIMATIC Locating Manager server, which calculates the real-time positions of the various transponders and transmits them to higher-level systems;

This type of system can be scaled up at any time; Easy-to-install devices, combined with a license-based localization server, make it possible to extend the existing localization infrastructure with additional applications, or to extend the area to be localized; A standard ISO interface is available for integration into the IT system landscape;

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