This small but powerful RFID tag can replace a hard RFID tag in many cases; Ideal for marking assets, it is perfectly suited to industrial use; Despite its small size, it has a respectable reading range of 4.5 metres on metal; Its industrial adhesive bonds to almost any material;

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  • Material: white PP with special coating for good impermeability, resin tape recommended
  • Memory: 96 bit EPC;
  • Gamme de lecture : jusqu'à 4,5 mètres
  • Delivery size: 500 pieces on reel (Ø 76 mm)
  • Dimensions de l'étiquette : 60 x 25 x 1,2 mm
  • Operating temperature: -35°C to +85°C
  • Storage conditions: 1 year at +20°C / 50% RH
  • Protection rating: IP68, tested for 5 hours in 1 metre of water;
  • Washing resistance: tolerates industrial washing with standard solvents
  • Chemical resistance: no physical or performance changes for 168 hours of exposure to sulphuric acid (10%, pH 2), motor oil and salt water (10% salinity), 30 minutes of exposure to NaOH (10%, pH 13), acetone should be avoided