Rewinder MC10/MC11


The MC-11 is an economical rewinder capable of rewinding all types of labels up to 115 mm wide at a speed of 250 mm per second over a maximum diameter of 200 mm on a variable rewinding axis from 25 mm to 102 mm. A specific motor, specially designed for the MC-11, gives it a bidirectional operating mode (rewinder or unwinder). No tension arm, belt or clutch. The result is unrivalled performance and ease of use. A torque control knob lets you choose the desired rewind force, and the MC-11 automatically adapts to label output speeds of up to 250 mm/s. As standard, the MC-11 rewinder is supplied with a flange to keep labels perfectly aligned during rewinding. The all-metal, industrial design of the MC-11 means it can be used in any environment. Its non-slip feet prevent any movement of the unit during operation, and its thick metal base means it can be rigidly fixed to robots or PLCs;


  • Maximum label width: 115 mm;
  • Average speed: 250 mm/s;
  • Maximum roll diameter: 220 mm;
  • Maximum mandrel diameter: 25 mm
  • Compatible paper: paper and synthetic labels;
  • Weight: 5 Kgs;

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