Ideal for point-of-sale and office applications, the QuickScan QBT2400 features a new illumination and aiming system to reduce visual stress. It features unique functions such as reading on smartphone screens or Datalogic’s patented “Spot Vert” technology for additional visual confirmation of correct reading. The Narrow Band STAR2.0 Cordless System offers secure wireless communication, with no risk of interference from WiFi infrastructures, and low sensitivity to obstacles. Its removable, long-life battery is replaceable, and a micro-USB port on the scanner base offers a new charging alternative, enabling the scanner to be used without its base.

  • STAR2.0 Cordless System wireless communication: 25 m range
  • Secure radio communication, low sensitivity to obstacles, no interference with WiFi
  • Lithium-ion battery: easily replaceable without tools
  • Battery can be recharged via USB / micro-USB cable
  • LED sighting system: reduced visual stress
  • Technologie "Green Spot" : confirmation de la lecture correcte
  • Batch mode capability: over 500 linear barcodes saved

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