Power Splitter PS-B


Power Splitter PS-B is a 3 dB power splitter with galvanic isolation at the input and both outputs. Output X2 provides a 90° phase shifter which can be activated using two jumpers. The current on output X3 can be rotated 180° relative to output X2. If the unit is connected to a suitable voltage source using the X4 terminal, the coaxial outputs can be used to feed two antennas with DC voltage. The device is designed for both indoor and outdoor installation.

  • Dimensions: 130 mm x 94 mm x 57 mm, weight approx. 275 g
  • Material: white polycarbonate
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Cable connection: 4 x M16 x 1.5 cable glands
  • Supply voltage: 12-24 V DC (optional)
  • Energy consumption: max. 4 W
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Transmission power: max; 5W phase shifter, max. 10 W other
  • HF connections: 1 x SMA jack input, 2x SMA jack outputs
  • Carrier frequency: max. 0,6 dB
  • Operating temperature: -25 °C to +55 °C
  • Storage temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C

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