Available in two-inch-wide direct thermal (PC23d), four-inch-wide direct thermal (PC43d) and four-inch-wide thermal transfer (PC43t) versions, PC series printers are ideal for applications where space is limited. Their low cost and fast operation make them a logical choice for lightweight labeling applications where users need reliable, easy-to-use printers. PC series printers have been designed for quick installation and easy operation. Offering a variety of placement options such as wall-mounting and battery power, these printers adapt to their environment to blend in. Routine printing tasks are straightforward, with little need for training. In fact, PC series printers come with a universal icon interface or color LCD screen in ten languages. The printer can even be configured and updated on site, using a USB stick. No need for a PC. PC43t thermal transfer printers support 12.7 mm and 25.4 mm ribbon cores. By accepting longer ribbons (up to 300 m), media need to be replenished less often, reducing downtime and handling.

  • Specifications
  • Spécifications PC43d

    Dimensions de l’imprimante (avec charnière et verrou) : 167 x 180 x 215 mm

    Poids : 1.72 Kg

    Spécifications PC43T

    Dimensions de l’imprimante (avec charnière et verrou) : 182 x 227 x 281 mm

    Poids : 2.7 Kg

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