NERLITE Pharmalite


NERLITE Pharmalite is ideal for lighting labels, containers and other products in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for a variety of packaging applications. The darkfield lighting geometry provides uniform illumination of flat, shiny surfaces, without light spots or glare. The Pharmalite camera mounting bracket facilitates integration by enabling direct mounting of Microscan imagers, smart cameras and GigE cameras.

  • DIMENSIONS 126 mm x 105.2 mm x 110 mm
  • CONNECTOR Type: M12 5-pin plug, A-code, 150 mm integrated cable
  • WEIGHT 318 g POWER SUPPLY 20.2-28.8 VDC
  • CASE Black anodized aluminum, IP50
  • LIGHTING Aperture size: 45.4 mm x 99.1 mm Field of view: 50.8 mm x 38.1 mm

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